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Doctor Judy Mikovits

The mainstream media has been militant against doctor Judy Mikovits. She has paid a mighty price for speaking out.


This was made back in the first few months of the pandemic. She remains an unflinching voice against "the powers that be," that are deceiving the masses for their own agenda.

#DrJudyMikovits, #plandemic, #DrTonyFauci,

This interview went on to be made into the following movie documentary.

Plandemic Movie, part 1

Part 2

#PatentFraud,  #VaccineDamageImunity, #ThePrepAct, #BlantantLies,

Antidote For Vaccine Toxin and Warning Against Dangerous Fake One

 Ann Vandersteel of Black Diamond interviews Dr. Judy Mikovitz

 #VaccineToxin, #antidote, #VaccineFacts, 

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