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Helping people understand the times according to the Bible, contend for the faith in Jesus Christ, and help the Church stand against deception as watchmen on the wall in these last days!

The Game Changer

December 10

Jan Markell and Pete Garcia review top stories that have biblical implications in 2021. The game changer was the Covid-19 pandemic. That ushered in dozens of scenarios with prophetic implications.


They also look at potential stories of significance for 2022.

Message Resources:

Capture The Rapture

December 3

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Mark Henry discussing the Rapture or “the blessed hope,” which many are trying to make the blasted hope. A survey says 9 in 10 pastors see prophecy in current events and yet few will teach it.


We can’t have the comfort God wants us to have until we embrace the Rapture, taught clearly in the Bible.

Pope Francis: The Vicar of the New World Order

November 26


Jan Markell spends the hour with apologist Mike Gendron. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. He is apocalyptic, a uniter of religions, and leading many down a wide road to destruction.


Is he or his office that of the coming False Prophet? His popularity reflects today’s total death of discernment.

You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy

November 12

Jan spends the hour with Pastor Billy Crone. Tyranny is rising daily as the World Economic Forum races to install global government. This is reality, not conspiracy.


The push for globalism the last 200 years could culminate in the very near future. All of this is outlined for us in the Bible.

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